MTSU Middle Cumberland Archaeology Project — 2012 Archaeology Field School Information   2 comments

This year the MTSU Middle Cumberland Archaeology Project will host a field school at one of the most important multi-component shell-bearing sites along the Middle Cumberland River. Due to the sensitive nature of the site I cannot include exact location details here, but it is located approximately 45 miles northwest of the MTSU Campus in Davidson County. This will be our first (of hopefully several) field season at this particular site; however it was part of the NSF-funded Cumberland River Emergency Archaeology Survey in 2010-2011, and we did take samples for baseline data.

Dr. Tanya Peres and Aaron Deter-Wolf assess damaged caused by the May 2010 floods and post-flood looting.

Our project goals are: (1) To develop an understanding of the horizontal and vertical extent and nature  of the archaeological deposits; (2) to better understand ancient flooding cycles and freshwater shellfish communities along the Middle Cumberland River; (3) to provide university students with training in methods and techniques of professional field and laboratory archaeology; (4) to gather additional data necessary to craft a National Register of Historic Places nomination for the site; and (5) to raise public awareness of the significant cultural resources along the Cumberland River and the effects of the May 2010 floods and subsequent looting  activities.

As a multi-disciplinary program, the MTSU Middle Cumberland Archaeology Project includes experts from MTSU and other institutions. This year we welcome:
MTSU Anthropology: Dr. Tanya Peres (Project Director & Zooarchaeologist), Dr. Kevin Smith (Senior Archaeology Advisor), Dr. Shannon Hodge (Bioarchaeologist), Dr. Andrew Wyatt (Archaeobotanist)
MTSU Geosciences: Dr. Melissa Lobegeier (Micro-Invertebrate Paleontology)
Tennessee Division of Archaeology: Aaron Deter-Wolf (Prehistoric Archaeologist & Lithics Specialist)

There are two options for the field school:

May 14-June 29  (6 credit hours)

May 29-June 29 (3 credit hours)

Dr. Peres will offer an optional Laboratory Training course following the field school (July 9-August 3) for an additional 3 credit hours. Students will work in the Archaeology Teaching Lab in Peck Hall to process and analyze the samples from the current field season.

Enrollment is limited and by permission of Dr. Peres. To apply, please download the application form (fillable PDF), fill it out as completely as possible, save it to your computer with your last name as the file name and email it back to Dr. Peres ( All applications are due by March 12, 2012.

As of March 12, 2012 the Field School course is full. Please contact Dr. Peres if you are interested in having your name put on the wait list. 


2 responses to “MTSU Middle Cumberland Archaeology Project — 2012 Archaeology Field School Information

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  1. Will there be lodging, etc. available for out of town students??

  2. Hi Judy — Affordable lodging options are slim to none in this area, so we are going to commute from MTSU everyday.

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