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I realize I have nothing new to add that has not already been stated. Clearly Ric Savage and his family run looting operation (doesn’t that in itself raise a red flag?) suffer from a lack of ethics, a lack of national pride and community, and an understanding of how history and prehistory are preserved and documented. I am sure there would be huge uproar from the non-archaeology/history community if they wanted to metal detect at Ground Zero or the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum. The fact that he has to talk landowners into allowing his thugs to dig in their backyards, likely by promising untold riches, fame, and glory, speaks volumes.

Shame on Ric Savage. Shame on Spike TV. Shame on National Geographic (for airing a similar show). Shame on the uneducated and disinterested American public for creating a market for such a show.

Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.

H.G. WELLS, The Outline of History

Digs and Docs

There have been and will be many casualties of this new era of unquestioned austerity: clean water and air, safe food, access to education and opportunity, and so on. Not surprisingly, archaeologists, historians and museum professionals are on the list as well. We’re constantly forced to justify our very existence, to do more with less. Without a dollar sign attached, the sentiment goes, what’s the value in studying our heritage?

Which is why it’s so discouraging, yet not so surprising, to read about the latest offering coming to your TV screen: “American Digger,” on the Spike network (the folks who also bring you “Rat Bastards” and “Tattoo Nightmares.”)

Spike has enlisted former pro wrestler Ric Savage, a history buff and relic-hunter looter-for-money, to present the program, which (surprise!) features his wife’s relic hunting looting-for-money business. The premise: Travel the country, talk property-owners into letting the team dig on…

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