MCAP Field School, Day 5: First week is done!   Leave a comment

The first week of field school is officially done. To date we have completed 73 auger tests with an average depth of 2.5 meters. By my calculation that is a total of approximately 19 square meters (61 square feet) of sediment excavated, recorded, and screened for artifacts. We still have a few more auger tests to dig next week, but we are ahead of schedule with our survey.

Today’s forecast was for clear skies and a high near 90 degrees. Knowing that working in the blazing sun was unavoidable later in the day, we chose to excavate the auger tests that were in the shade early on before it was completely gone.

Working in the cool morning shade.


John Broster, Archaeologist with the Tennessee Division of Archaeology, stopped by the site this afternoon to check on our progress. I think he was impressed!

John Broster, TDOA, (left) checks in with Ryan and the field school students.


Today’s student blog post:

Hi, my name is Mimi Glass, and I just finished my freshman year at MTSU. So in essence, I’m the baby of the group! I am majoring in Spanish and Anthropology and have yet to declare a minor.

Field School student, Mimi Glass, checks the depth of the auger test.

I joined this field school to really “dig in” and figure out if Archaeology is for me. Luckily, digging in the dirt is really fun! We’ve found so much more than I thought we would in just a few days!  The bucket augers are so small, yet we find so much. Just today we hit deer bones, and that’s the second time this week! Chert, rocks, and shell don’t seem like they would be interesting, but they are all amazingly fascinating when you take them out of the ground. You realize that real people were really here! They lived and breathed and here and we are finding out about their daily lives by the artifacts that were left behind.

Artifacts recovered in an auger test (Top: deer long bone splinter; bottom, L to R: freshwater mussel, freshwater snails, portion of a deer leg bone).

Today we are digging more holes than ever, and we are discovering more and more about both the history of this land and the extent of the site in general. We have a lot of work to do, but so far its been great.
We hope everyone has a restful and relaxing weekend — and remember to hydrate! Check back with us on Monday for more exciting news from MCAP Field School!



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