MCAP Field School, Day 14: Dig, dig, dig. Screen, screen, screen.   2 comments

— post by Dr. Peres

Today’s weather was a refreshing change from the sweltering summer-like days we have had. The forecast called for cloudy skies, NW wind of 10-15 mph, and a high of 69F. I packed extra clothes, vests, and jackets just in case.

A blanket of clouds over the site.

The students continued in Units 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7. We focused a lot of time, energy, and effort on Unit 1 today. We are trying to reach the shell deposits, but the midden that is above them is dense, wet, and clayey, thus making it difficult to screen.

MTSU Field School Student, JoBeth Simon, and Teresa Ingalls excavate Unit 1.

As the students closed up their units for the weekend, each team set-up their screens in the large screening station and everyone focused on the sediments from Unit 1. We were able to close out Level 9 (80-90 cmbs) by the end of the day.

All hands on the screens!

As Murphy’s Law of Archaeology would have it, we uncovered the tip of the shell deposit in the SW portion of Unit 1 as the day was drawing to a close.

Teresa points to the top of the shell deposits at the base of Level 9. It doesn’t look like much, but next week it will be more shell than we have seen all season long. (Note our soil probe hole on the lower edge of the photo.)

We also laid out Unit 8, which will likely be the final unit we open this season. Many of these units need to be excavated to over a meter deep, and given the time and effort it took to get to 90 cm deep in Unit 1, we will need most of the remaining four weeks to finish our existing unit excavations, documentation, photos, and maps. And we have to backfill.

Field Assistant Joey Keasler and Aaron Deter-Wolf (TN DOA) bust sod on Unit 8.

The majority of the units were positioned to give us a picture of the northern and eastern-most edges of the site. This unit was placed to give us a window into the site from the highest point. We are interested to see how this area compares to the others in terms of depth of deposits and shell species represented.

Finally, tomorrow (Saturday) is our own Kate McKinney’s birthday. “Cupcake Kate” made delicious vanilla cupcakes for the entire class and brought them at lunch today to celebrate. Happy Birthday Kate!

Happy Birthday Cupcake Kate!

Have a relaxing weekend. We will be back at work on Monday!


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2 responses to “MCAP Field School, Day 14: Dig, dig, dig. Screen, screen, screen.

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  1. Nice looking units–straight walls! I’m sure it wasn’t easy to dig.

    Maureen Meyers

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