MCAP Field School, Day 15: Back to business   1 comment

— post by Callie Lopeman

Today we have been busy as usual, if not more so. Since the weather was so bad at the end of last week, we were thankful to find the sun out and clouds gone for a long day of work. Everyone has resumed the work on Units 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 after a nice weekend break. Unit 1 has (FINALLY) hit the shell and they have been hard at work removing the remaining dirt from on top of the shell.

Exposing the shell in Unit 1.

All morning Dr. Peres had screeners from Units 1, 3, and 6 screening this extra dirt so that by lunch the entire level could be cleared from atop the shell.

You screen, I screen, we all screen for shell!

Units 3, 4, 5,6, and 7 are also working toward the shell and finding more lithics, flakes and ceramic. We take a lot of notes and document everything we find. All provenience information (i.e., where it all came from) is recorded on forms, artifact bags, in notebooks, and various logs. It is so important to know exactly where everything came from so we can piece it all back together once we are in the lab and working on analysis and interpretations.

Provenience information recorded on artifact bags and flagging tape (for flotation samples).

While the other units were further excavating their levels, I was assigned to a new Unit, Unit 8, that Joey and Aaron busted the sod on last Friday before we left for the day. Cori, Karen and I were assigned this unit, which we can already tell is going to be quite the task since Dr. Peres plans for us to excavate 30 levels on it before the end of field school.  Although we began with enthusiasm, it was soon tempered by the large rocks and gravel we had to try to schnitt through. We finally managed to level out Level 1 before we left our unit to help the Unit 1 screeners screen before lunch.

When we returned to Unit 8 from lunch, we discovered that Level 2 was going to be even more of a challenge with larger and more frequent rock. Luckily, although we absolutely could have (slowly) done it ourselves, Joey took pity on us and helped us complete schnitting on most of Level 2. Level 2 has so far revealed lithics, more flakes, and even shell-tempered ceramics.

All in all, today has been extremely productive for all the units! Check back tomorrow, we are sure to have more shell to discuss!


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  1. learned a new word today: schnitt. I’ve been doing it for years…never knew it had a name!

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