MCAP Field School, Week 6: Longest day of 2012   Leave a comment

Today is the summer solstice which marks the longest day of the year. It was also the hottest day of our field season — topping out at a blazing 98°F. We are starting the slow process of finishing excavations in our units, bisecting and excavating features, profile mapping finished units, and working on a GPR survey (to be discussed in a separate post). We are all excited to be this far along in the fieldwork, but surprised at how fast it has gone. Today we had several visitors to the site. Mike Moore and Aaron Deter-Wolf, Tennessee Division of Archaeology, came by to check on our progress. Dr. Derek Frisby, MTSU History Professor and MCAP Historian, spent the afternoon learning about our digs, talking to the students about their experience on-site, and telling me about the preliminary findings of his historical research on the property.


Photo round-up of some our daily activities.

MCAP Field Assistant, Kelly Ledford, deep in a 1 x1 m unit.


Field School Student, JoBeth Simon, helps to run the GPR unit.

Field School student, Erin Floyd, was in charge of the Field Specimen log on Tuesday. We all agree this is the toughest job on-site.

Field School students, Tee Gildemeister and Sean McKeighen, work in Unit 9. Blake Meador examines the backdirt.

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