MCAP Field School, Week 6: Rounding the corner   Leave a comment

There are only 4 field days left to our field school, but that doesn’t mean we get to sit in the shade and eat ice cream for the next week! This week we moved a lot of dirt (per usual), learned some new tricks (like the GPR), and began the final stages of full documentation — photos, mapping (lots of mapping), sediment profiles, radiocarbon samples, column sampling, and the like.

MCAP Field School students Wesley Vanosdall, Kate McKinney, and Kyle Deitrick have fun profile mapping their excavated unit.

MCAP Field School student Pam Hoffman excavates a 50×50 cm column sample.

MCAP Geoarchaeologist Ryan Robinson describes sediment profiles from a finished excavation unit.


We also had several visitors from MTSU today. Dr. Jackie Eller, chair of the Department of Sociology & Anthropology; Dr. Kevin Smith, Director of the Anthropology Program and Senior Advisor to the project; Georgia Dennis, Anthropology Alumnus and current Honors College staff and friend Judy.

Dr. Peres explains our excavation strategy and findings to Drs. Eller and Smith.

MTSU visitors Georgia, Judy, and Dr. Smith.

Monday starts our final week of the 2012 MCAP Field School. We will finish the last bit of our excavations and data recordation, have a practical skills test for the students, backfill the units, and celebrate our accomplishments with a picnic!

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